Available Services

Serenity Counseling Services offers a variety of services that are designed to provide the highest quality mental health care possible for each client. Our most regularly requested services are:

Individual Psychotherapy or Counseling: Clients meet regularly on a 1-on-1 basis with a counselor or therapist to explore patterns in their life and identify wanted changes. Typical areas of concern are emotional health, managing stress,   learning coping skills, relationship or family issues, work related issued, making changes in behavior, and more.

In-Home Services: In Home services are services provided by our mental health professionals that occur in the home or another place. This provides options for busy individuals or families with individuals who have mobility problems or challenges that prevent them from participating in psychotherapy or counseling in an office setting. In-Home services can be similar to other services offered by Serenity Counseling Services, and can be discussed with our therapists.

Tele-Counseling: Similarly to Individual Psychotherapy or Counseling, this service is nearly identical with the main exception being that this service takes place over a video conferencing application, similar to Skype, that is encrypted to allow privacy. Tele-Counseling is an option for people who have challenges with mobility, and do not desire In-Home Services, or have another problem that prevents meeting at our offices.

Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy or Counseling: Children or adolescents meet regularly on a 1-on-1 basis with a counselor or therapist to explore feelings, behaviors, coping skills, and relationships on an age-appropriate level. Parents, caretakers, and other significant adults are an important part of successful therapy for children. It is recommended that some parental involvement be included in this service.

Family/Couples Psychotherapy or Counseling: Often, relationships are a focal point of therapy. As such, it may sometimes be valuable to work with the client and the significant other,  or with a client and other family members in one session together, to better understand and improve on communication and other relationship dynamics. Clients who are in a couples session sometimes also choose to participate in individual therapy as well, in order to address issues or explore patterns of behavior that can be problematic for the relationship.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counseling (AODA): Adolescent and adult clients begin with an assessment. Clients work with certified substance abuse counselor to explore the role of substance use in their life, understand the effects of substance dependence and abuse, increase motivation to change, and implement desired changes with regards to substances. These services are available in the following formats: group, individual, and family therapy.

Group Psychotherapy or Counseling: Psychotherapy groups are usually focused on a single issue. Examples of this could be managing stress and anxiety, mental health education, substance abuse, couples groups, and many others. Groups provide another level of support by bringing people working on similar problems together to make changes in their lives.